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About Me...

Shari and Adam at a Craft Fair
Shari and Teta @ Wheelhouse.jpg

Living in the hills of Southern Vermont for the past 25 years, I have found my calling working as a full-time potter.  Whether my inspiration comes from serene woodland settings, bizarre sea-creatures, or intriguing textures found out and about, I strive to infuse inspiration into my work.   With a focus on form, function, balance and unique design, my pots tell a story.  They hope to convey a sense of something deep that went into the making and a heartfelt connection to me and the world around us.   When they emerge from the fire, they long for a home, a place and a use.  


In 2019 I partnered up with Teta Hilsdon to open Wheelhouse Clay Center in Downtown Brattleboro, VT.  Wheelhouse is all about pottery and community.  Here, we are teaching classes, workshops, clay play events, private parties and more!  We have a bright welcoming space where 30+ potters can create their own work.   We also have a Shop where you can purchase our wares.   Would you like to take a class with me?  Schedule a private lesson or plan a pottery party?  Please email me directly at or visit our studio website @

wood-fired mugs

Shari Zabriskie

Co-Owner Wheelhouse Clay Center

48 Harmony Place

Downtown Brattleboro, Vermont 05301



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